Co-Working, Production, Classes, Community


Immersive Tech Professionals

Our goal is to provide creators and brands a way to authentically engage with an involved audience.

Over the years we have expanded as a collective, but our core tenets have remained the same: TEACH what you know, LEARN what you need, SHARE what you love. Together we have developed, produced, stitched, activated and pioneered award-winning content for clients such as DreamworksTV, Oxygen Network, Nvidia, the UN and more.


Private Offices Available


For teams who are looking to expand or just starting out. We have everything you need to build and grow in the XR Community.


  • Lockable Door

  • Private Entrance

  • Open 24/7

  • On-Site Development Lab

  • Multiple VR & AR Headsets and Dev Kits

  • Full Kitchen

  • 2 Bath / 1 Shower

  • Maker Space Access

  • Green Screen Access

  • Professional Classes and Training


Building the Metaverse


Our Core Tenets

We are the dreamers of the dreams, the builders of the future, and the first person you call when gremlins get into your tech stack. MakingXR became a leader in the XR community by doing three things; reaching out to individuals, building meaningful connections, and by always supporting our members. Our goal is to provide an environment that inspires innovation and unlocks economic stability for every person in the community.