Digital Marketing Commercial

MADD CANADA: POV Stoned Driving Experience

Oculus Launchpad: Final Project Submission

Dream Works TV: Spirit Experience POV Horseback

Jaunt VR: Texas Jail Experience

Featured Short: By Adam Costco

Samsung: EDM Awards Moby Live

Bugsy: 360 Music Video with Spatial Sound

Love Machines: Game design & trailer by Adam Costco

Oxygen Network: Cold Justice Experience 1

MADD Canada: POV Drunk Driving Experience

Dream Works TV: Spirit Experience POV Horseback

Dream Works TV: Spirit Experience POV Horseback

Samsung: EDM Awards Illenium Live

Rose-Colored: 360 video full length (trailer)




XR Services Overview


Projected AR

Create digital signage that looks like art, not like the TV at a sports bar. Engage your audience even when you aren’t there or bring theme-park level magic to your next event. Bring your sets, illustrations, paintings, or sculptures to life, without special glasses.

Interactive Performance

Using the MS Kinect, we create a movement based visualizer that the VJ interacts with and that fits the theme or tone of the music played by the DJ. This would look great in 360 live and could also be recorded for download through any headset provider store.

Hyperben2 - Ozosphere tweak.jpg

Procedural Environment Generation

Perfect for 360° projection inside large domes for ambient visuals or custom branded environments. Instead of crafting every element of the visuals by hand, we create an algorithm that will automatically generate the world for you. 8K resolution available.